Land Management and Works Update

Land management and works occurring over the August to October period:

Weed and vegetation management

  • Weed control ongoing, grass selectives used to control Perennial Veldt Grass
  • Hand weeding of woody weeds (mostly Acacia, Geraldton Wax, Agave and Tagasaste) started, will continue into December
  • CCWC fortnightly weeding and mapping in S7 ongoing, have been undergoing additional weeding events to get on top of weeds
  • Contractors and casuals helping CCWC with hand weeding in S7
  • Spraying of Weeds of National Significance (WoNS) happening soon, mainly Arum Lily in Bibra Drive/Hope Road zones

Land Management and rehabilitation

  • If bird waterer is installed in corridor, it will need to be off scheme water. This has not been done to date, so RR8 may be the first time it is tested/trialled. Proposed location is on the western side of Turtle Corner.
  • Tree stump seats and table installed at Stock Road West for CCWC volunteers
  • Attaining quotes for water contractor coming into summer
  • Assessed Turtle Corner for contamination, consensus that the site was not contaminated but soil is water repellent, this can be overcome by using wetting agents.
  • Plant order for 2022/23 is complete, including 3300 for Woody Meadows trial at Turtle Corner that will be 500m2
  • Contractor beginning work soon to collect plant material for recalcitrant species

Science and Education

  • Rehabilitating Roe 8 project provided catering and presented at the City of Cockburn Turtle Information talk that promotes citizen science and local Snake-necked turtle found in the corridor in North Lake and Bibra Lake.
  • Orchid trials started, with focus on S7 (Stock Road West). Aim is to enhance orchid abundance in revegetation areas of corridor.
  • Adam Peck gave a tour of the corridor to TAFE Conservation & Ecosystem Management students
  • Nyungar Language class facilitated by Sharon Gregory at the end of August