Wildflower Walk and Gladdy Grab

With Cockburn Community Wildlife Corridor

The Gladdy, pink Gladiolus caryophyllaceus is a highly invasive weed in the corridor bushland, originally native to South Africa, where this species is widespread and endangered. Over the Summer, the plant dies down to underground corms, allowing it to survive the heat and drought. If left unmanaged, in Spring they return and impact the dynamic of native plant communities.

On the 8 October 2022, volunteers assisted in removing the Gladiolus weed with a Gladdy Grab event in s7, while Diana Corbyn discussed some of the native wildflowers. There was a second event held for the folllowing Saturday in Malvolio bushland.

Thank you to everyone who attended, the time and effort from volunteers will help protect our local species from competitive weeding species and provide suitable habitat for our native wildlife.