Weeds take a walk!

Thanks again to the efforts of a team of dedicated volunteers and Cockburn Community Wildlife Corridor bushcare team member Diana Corbyn, a number of large woody weeds were controlled within the North Lake Rd East site.  The woody weeds consisting mainly of Geraldton Wax, Queensland Sliver Wattle and Victorian Coastal Tea Tree were cut down using chainsaws, loppers and the stumps treated with herbicide to ensure they don’t re-sprout.  The team of volunteers from Conservation Volunteers Australia did an amazing job.

Volunteers woody weeds web
Volunteers working on removing woody weeds in North Lake Rd East.
Sliver wattle web
Sliver wattle removed.

Future woody weed control works will be required in Seabastian Cres and also Malvolio Rd bushland to ensure that rehabilitation efforts are maximised.

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