Insect insights makes international stage

Biomonitoring International has just completed and published a survey of ants and other invertebrates along the Roe 8 corridor.  Information on these animals can tell us much about the progress of rehabilitation in this impacted area. Ant species richness was marginally higher in the reference sites but ant abundance was higher in the cleared sites.… Continue reading Insect insights makes international stage


Community questionnaire outcomes

The results from the Rehabilitating Roe 8 Community Questionnaire  are in.  The questionnaire was designed to help inform how the project is progressing against the community engagement and involvement objectives within the Rehabilitating-Roe-8-Rehabilitation-Management-Plan(Emerge 2018). The key areas data was collected on was:  Demographics  Project Awareness  Satisfaction  Logo/Branding  Involvement  Importance… Continue reading Community questionnaire outcomes

News, Our Community

Community spirit in action!

Last Saturday community spirits were high as volunteers came together to enjoy a morning of planting and chatting.  Planting events are so much more than just plants in the ground.  The events give people a chance to meet others in the community, share experiences and get some exercise.  Several volunteers had not attended planting events… Continue reading Community spirit in action!